Come Saturday February 23rd and March ninth, 2019 separately, more than eighty-4,000,000 enrolled Nigerian voters are relied upon to go out and cast their votes in different pieces of the nation in another general political decision. The Presidential and National Assembly races which was delayed to hang on February 23rd, while the Governorship and House of Assembly races will hang on March ninth, 2019.

As per INEC, twenty-2,000, 600 and forty-three competitors will challenge for one thousand, 500 and four elective situations in the nation.

This mind-boggling number of applicants is a pointer that the country’s popular government is progressing on a solid bow as it has created energy, intrigue and soul of rivalry, which offer the electorate various choices to pick pioneers and delegates.

In spite of the way that a ton have been accomplished since the arrival of the nation to fair administer in 1999, it is similarly obvious that the general outcome is still a long way from desire. For any nation to set up real and all inclusive worthy government, there must be free, reasonable and solid decisions, which are estimated by what occurred previously, during and after the races. As applicants take part in their electioneering campaigns, there ought to be an open domain for the ideological groups to contact the individuals and for the residents to take part in the constituent procedure without obstacle.

For any political decision to be believable, all partners, entertainers and members ought to maintain and regard the principles, guidelines and laws administering the appointive procedure. The hero of the Electoral play in each nation is most urgent in guaranteeing free, reasonable and valid political race. Accordingly, there is requirement for the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to stay free, fair and impartial in the direct of the races and ought to show straightforwardness at all phases of the constituent procedure just as give instant and precise data on its exercises identifying with the discretionary procedure to people in general and set up viable measures to get criticism. The Commission ought to likewise focus to dig in a model that fulfills worldwide guidelines of discretionary trustworthiness by maintaining a strategic distance from acts that destabilize sentiments of political authenticity that could demoralize voter turnout and empower post-political decision dissents which could bring about loss of lives and property. It is exclusively necessitated that satisfactory arrangements and opportunity ought to be made for enlisted and authorize voters to practice their establishment, incorporating people with handicaps who, throughout the years have been whining of being denied chance to take an interest effectively in the discretionary procedure.

Importantly, INEC ought to guarantee that the aftereffect of the races mirror the desire of the individuals to ensure the respectability of the procedure and energize future mainstream political interest.

Ideological groups and their applicants ought to keep away from the obsolete routine with regards to showdown, mud-throwing, character death, loathe discourse and different types of battle of defamation. They ought to rather concentrate on issues and solid commitment, not characters or ethnic estimations. They ought to stay away from cash legislative issues, vote purchasing or utilization of hooligans to muscle out rivals.

So also, security organizations on their part ought to confine themselves to their established command of guaranteeing the wellbeing of the appointive partners including the voters, competitors, survey laborers, media and political decision eyewitnesses just as keep up lawfulness. They ought to abstain from being fanatic in any structure all together not to compromise the validity of the political race. They ought to recall that their report and declaration might be required by the legal executive in taking basic choices during post-political decision suits.

On there part, Government should oppose the enticement of obstruction in the constituent procedure or utilization of security contraption to threaten or stifle political rivals. It ought to likewise guarantee that National and International Media and political race Observers are given simple access to screen and assess the political race process.

Sufficient measures ought to likewise be set up to reinforce security in all the nation guests to check penetration by residents of neighboring countries.Nigerians, on their part, ought to be intense, gutsy and energetic to cast a ballot as per their still, small voice and evade all enemy of popularity based propensities.

Moreover, National Orientation Agency, the Church, customary establishments and different partners ought to escalate voter training to urge Nigerians to take full responsibility for Electoral System to ensure the fate of the nation.


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